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MoCA in the News from CCBN 2017


Rob Gelphman kicked off the media briefing by introducing the background of MoCA, he indicated that MoCA will continue to promote MoCA 2.5 and facilitates its leadership as the technology standard by 2020. He also revealed that MoCA 3.0 will be available in May. After Rob’s speech, Mr. Qin from ABP shared the deployment of MoCA in China and Mr. Xu Yanshan from Luster talked about the solutions and products customized with MoCA technology. Guests from MaxLinear and MStar explained how chips fits for MoCA technology and the importance of MoCA standards. As the last guest speaker, Mr. Tang from Guang Dong Cable elaborates the advantages and experience of deployment of MoCA.

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Media Q&A Session

Reporters had shown strong interests in the application of MoCA technology, and the different roles played by partners, operators and MoCA Alliance. Rob and guests from Luster, MaxLinear and MStar highlighted that MoCA technology leverages the existing coax to provide the best transfer capacity for home network and broadband network.

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Small Group Interview

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Media Booth Tour

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As of April. 7 th, a total of 33 clippings are collected from broadcasting, telecommunication, electronic, IT and mass media. We are expecting more coverage in the following weeks.

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Hc360: Solving the Last Meter of FTTH Effectively, MoCA is the Masterpiece of Network Deployment

HcTMT(WeChat of Hc360): Solving the Last Meter of FTTH Effectively, MoCA is the Masterpiece of Network Deployment

As more users are demanding network with superior performance, MoCA technology can meet customers’ needs easily compared to power line. MoCA technology has always regarded as the fastest and most reliable home networking technology. The actual throughputs rates of MoCA 2.5 can reach to 2.5 Gbps. Rob reveals that MoCA 2.5 can provide faster access rate and will become the dominate technology standard by 2020.The article also pointed out the development of MoCA in China need various efforts. The article quotes Mr. Yao from Luster: The development of MoCA in China depends on operators. It’s from three perspectives: the broadband strategy, the process of entering ultra-wideband era and the national standard. MoCA has the competitive and innovative technology worldwide, so we believe the future for MoCA is bright.”

Media Briefing:

Tech-Ex: MoCA Held a Media Briefing at CCBN 2017

On the first day of CCBN 2017, MoCA held a joint media briefing with Luster, sharing MoCA’s technology evolvement and the progress of field test deployment. As MoCA’s partner in China, Mr. Feng from Luster introduced that Luster can provide complete solutions combined with MoCA and EPON technology and end products to meet different needs for customers.

ChinaAET: Never Drop a Line, MoCA Achieves Continuous Coverage for Wi-Fi

ChinaAET introduced the background of MoCA and quoted Mr. Feng, Director of from Luster that MoCA have four main features: wide range of spectrum, high security, enhanced encryption capability and 5ms time delay, which makes MoCA the best choice of high band-width for coax industry. The writer believes MoCA has unique advantage on solving the Wi-Fi stability and consistency.

IT168: MoCA is Likely to Solve Problems in Home Network

At CCBN 2017, MoCA held the joint media briefing to share MoCA’s application of in China home network market. Mr.Qin from ABP introduced that based on investigation and tests, ABP agreed MOCA is one of the best solutions to deploy in home network by fully leveraging coax transmission. Therefore, it has signed MOU with MoCA to push the application deployment and research in China home network market based on MoCA technology, while promoting it as the future technical standards for home network.

Radio & Television Information: MoCA and Luster Jointly Promote the Deployment of MoCA Technology in China

Radio & Television Information(WeChat): MoCA and Luster Jointly Promote the Deployment of MoCA Technology in China

On Mar 23rd, MoCA held a joint media event at CCBN 2017, talking about the technology and deployment, as well as application based on MoCA technology in China market. The article quotes Rob: “MoCA technology has excellent generality, fast technical velocity and high reliability. It can be widely deployed in home network and broadband access network for operators worldwide.”

Cctime: MoCA’s Transmission Rate Will Reach to 10Gbps, Even Hard Disc Can Hardly Compare

During the CCBN 2017 joint media event held on Mar 23rd, Rob Gelphman introduced the current development of MoCA and highlighted that MoCA 3.0 will be available in May, whose actual throughputs will reach to 10 Gbps, much faster than the writing speed of most of the hard discs. The article pointed out that MoCA technology can leverage the existing coax to provide high transfer speed with high reliability, helping operators lower the operation cost.

C114: MoCA 2.5 Actual Throughputs Reaches to 2.5 Gbps: Meets Deployment Needs of Broadcasting Broadband

During the joint media event held at CCBN 2017, MoCA showed the latest standard MoCA 2.5, whose actual throughputs will increase to 2.5 Gbps. Working together with Wi-Fi, MoCA 2.5 can provide a better home network performance. The article emphasized that MoCA 2.5 is able to deploy without changing the existing lines and will also provide network management and QoS capabilities for customers.

CCATV: MoCA Held Media Event at CCBN 2017

CCATV(WeChat): MoCA Held Media Event at CCBN 2017

MoCA held a joint media briefing at CCBN 2017, sharing the latest updates on MoCA. During the briefing, Mr. Qin from ABP introduced that ABP has been searching for the ideal solution to ensure the home networking performance after realizing FTTH and MoCA are one of the best solutions for operators to use existing lines to deploy network technology.

CWW: MoCA has Achieves 2.5 Gbit/s on Bandwidth Speed Rate

MoCA technology is the fastest and most reliable home networking technology standard available. The actual throughputs rates of MoCA 2.5 has reached to 2.5 Gbps. Besides, MoCA also makes Wi-Fi better for customers in home networking. The article also highlighted that as the member of MoCA, chips from MaxLinear and MStar will coordinate with MoCA to promote its deployment in China.

Business Times: MoCA: How to Fill the Blank of Network Technology in APAC

It has been over 3 years since MoCA entered China market. During these years, MoCA has worked with many cooperators to promote its technology and application in China. The actual throughputs of MoCA 2.5 has already reached to 2.5 Gbps. According to Rob Gelphman, MoCA 3.0 will be available in May and Luster will also provide customized solutions and products with MoCA technology.

Dvbcn: MoCA CCBN 2017 Media Event Held Successfully

MoCA held a joint media briefing during CCBN this year. During the event, Rob Gelphman introduced MoCA will extend MoCA 2.5 which the actual throughputs reaches to 2.5 Gbps and promote MoCA 2.5 to become the dominate technology standard by 2020. Mr. Feng from Luster shared Luster’s solutions and products customized for MoCA in China market.

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