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MaxLinear, Inc., Joins MoCA® Board Of Directors

May 13, 2015—San Ramon, CA – MaxLinear Inc., (NYSE:MXL) has joined the Board of Directors of the Multimedia over Coax Alliance, MoCA moving up from an Associate level membership they’ve held since 2011.  MaxLinear was eligible to assume the seat on the MoCA Board as a result of its acquisition of Entropic Communications.

“MaxLinear’s enthusiasm and commitment will greatly contribute to the success of the Alliance. We are delighted to have them join the Board and look forward to their insights and involvement” said Charles Cerino, president of MoCA.

“We intend to take a very active role in MoCA,” said Dr. Kishore Seendripu, CEO of MaxLinear. “We have long supported the value MoCA technology brings to the connected home.”

About MaxLinear®

MaxLinear, Inc. (NYSE:MXL) is a provider of integrated, radio-frequency and mixed-signal integrated circuits for broadband communication and data center, metro, and long-haul transport network applications. MaxLinear is headquartered in Carlsbad, California. For more information, please visit

About MoCA®
MoCA technology is the worldwide standard for high performance and high reliability in the connected home, and has been adopted by cable, telco/IPTV and satellite operators worldwide.  MoCA technology is also used to extend Wi-Fi® connectivity within the home.

MoCA 2.0 offers two performance modes of 400 and 800 Mbps (bonded) net throughputs, (1 Gbps for bonded point to point mode), one in 100 million packet error rate (PER) with 3.6 ms latency, improved power savings and backward interoperability with MoCA 1.1. Products with MoCA 1.1 offer 175 Mbps actual data rates.
Preliminary results of MoCA 2.0 field tests in the U.S. validated 400 Mbps in 90 percent of all outlets. The Alliance is looking to conduct the same tests among operators worldwide.
The Alliance has 180 certified products since its inception. Visit for more information.