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MoCA Enters Broadband Access Market

June 8, 2016—ANGA, Cologne, Germany and San Ramon, CA--- MoCA® is developing a specification targeting multiple dwelling units (MDUs) called MoCA Access™. The specification will be based on the current MoCA 2.0 standard which is capable of 1 Gbps net throughputs.

“Our move into access applications is driven by operators worldwide who told us they need one Gbps. actual throughputs with a long-term migration path and want to use the existing coax infrastructure,” said Charles Cerino, president of MoCA. “Our performance and reliability attributes are proving to be a great solution in broadband applications as well as the home network backbone.”

The recently approved MoCA 2.5 specification will also be integrated in the new specification serving as a technology roadmap on which to plan for future deployments. MoCA 2.5 is capable of up to 2.5 Gbps. and is backward interoperable with MoCA 2.0.

MoCA Access is a viable solution for numerous market segments addressing network access. For instance:

The move to MoCA Access is a strategic direction for the Alliance as it applies the performance and reliability superiority inherent in MoCA technology to applications where those two attributes in particular are critical. In addition, operators worldwide are requiring 1 Gbps net throughputs to the home as a minimal requirement for overall network design, which MoCA 2.0 can deliver now.