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MoCA Tapped To Join CCBN International Advisory Committee

Beijing, China, March 20, 2014 ---CCBN---The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA®) has been selected to join the newly inaugurated CCBN (China Content Broadcasting Network) International Advisory Committee.

The objectives of the Advisory Committee are to help promote international exchange and communication throughout the broadcast industry, provide feedback and continuously integrate best practices on behalf of CCBN show organizers, and to promote the conference worldwide.

The Establishment Ceremony of the CCBN Advisory International Committee is on March 21, and the first internal meeting of committee members will be held on March 22

“MoCA is honored to accept the invitation to join the CCBN International Advisory Committee,” said Charles Cerino, President of MoCA. “SARFT and the pay TV operators in China recognize the critical role of coaxial cabling as the backbone capable of the heavy lifting required in the connected home for all IP traffic.   MoCA is pleased to share our connected home experience that we have garnered from working with operators in the US, Europe, Latin America, South Africa and now China.”

MoCA will be joined by other organizations ranging from technical standard development organizations, industry standard alliances and content providers from around the world. These include the IEEE, NAB,  ATSC U.S. Advanced Television Service Commission; ITU International Telecommunications Union, U.S. Cable Labs, EBU European Broadcasting Union, DVB, ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute,  SCTE, PIKE, NHK Japan Broadcasting Association, KCTA Korea Cable Telecommunications Association, KBS Korean Broadcasting Company, ABU: Asian Broadcasting Union, IBC, DTG, PBS, and Warner Brothers.

About MoCA®
MoCA is the standard for home entertainment networking. It is the only such standard in trials or deployments by cable, satellite and IPTV/telco operators worldwide. MoCA technology is also used to extend Wi-Fi® connectivity.
MoCA 2.0 is available now and is the first specification developed by the entire Alliance. It offers two performance modes of 400 Mbps and 800 Mbps actual throughputs, packet error rates (PER) as low as one in 100 million with a nominal latency of 3.6ms, and standby and sleep modes for help in overall power management in the network.

The Alliance has 148 certified products and 53 members worldwide. Visit and for more information.
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