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Point-to-Multipoint Coax Connectivity in MDUs to Work, Learn, and Stream

Fiber to the Building, Coax and MoCA Access™ to the Unit

MoCA Access 2.5 is a high-performance multi-gigabit fiber access connectivity standard capable of data rates of 2.5 Gbps downlink and 2.0 Gbps uplink, with less than 5ms latency and operates over the existing in-building coax.

Using MoCA and pre-installed building coax costs less than 30% the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a FTTB install. (study performed by MoCA member InCoax)

The Challenge: 
MDUs and service operators keeping PON fiber installation costs under control, eliminating fiber ducting issues, and minimizing tenant unit disruptions.

The Good News:
A vast majority of MDUs built between 1960 and 1990 are wired with reusable coaxial cabling. Coaxial cabling can be the ideal, shielded conduit for PON fiber gigabit and multigigabit networking to each unit.

Using MoCA Access 2.5 technology standard, a fiber broadband solution can be deployed with minimal tenant unit disruptions.

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Session 1: Copper Broadband Technology Developments MDU Connectivity Enhancements
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"Session 1: Copper Broadband Technology Developments — MDU Connectivity"

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Applications include:

  • Fiber to the building (FTTB)
  • MDUs
  • Wired backhaul for 4G/5G
  • Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, offices


  • Hands-free in-unit gigabit/multi-gigabit networking
  • Fiber gigabit/multi-gigabit networking 
  • Included in Broadband Forum’s TR-419 – Fiber Access Extension over Copper


MoCA Access using Fiber
Connecting homes and units in an MDU (point to multi-point)

As a point-to-multipoint standard serving up to 32 modems (clients).

MoCA Access using Fiber

MoCA Access™ for Fiber to the Building (FTTB)

MoCA Access using 5G

MoCA Access™ for 5G

MoCA Access using satellite

MoCA Access™ for Satellite

See How MoCA Access™ Works

Fiber Extensions with InCoax

MoCA® Access 2.5 | Brand: Translite Global | Model No.: TL-MCA-72

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We'll send you occasional emails about MoCA Access updates and coax's evolution as an excellent networking connectivity tool.

MoCA Access™ Products Spotlight

InCoax D2501 DPU

InCoax D2501 DPU

Broadband boost for small and medium MDUS across Europe and North America

Operators will be able to extend XGS-PON or Active Ethernet fiber and manage services through existing customer provisioning systems with use of established industry standards and protocols.

Translite TL-MCA-72 MoCA® Access 2.5

Translite TL-MCA-72 MoCA® Access 2.5

TL-MCA-72 transforms the in building coaxial cabling into a multi gigabit fiber extension network. This network controller is based on the MoCA Access 2.5 technology standard. It is capable of 2.5 Gbps actual data rates and serves up to 31 modems (clients). This network controller offers a flexible frequency selection of 400~1675MHz and uses the existing in building coaxial cabling and coexists with other services such as broadcast TV, IPTV, DOCSIS and fiber.

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