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MoCA Access

Fast, Reliable, with Rapid ROI fiber broadband to the apartment.

If you have Coax in your building, you can do this.

MoCA Access connecting internet fiber to coax in apartments


MoCA Access™ is a high-performance multi-gigabit fiber internet access connectivity standard capable of data rates of 2.5 Gbps downlink and 2.0 Gbps uplink to each apartment, with less than 5ms latency (low latency gets a thumbs up from high speed gamers).


It operates over the in-building coax and, unlike other technologies, it's fast and stays fast. MoCA standards have been deployed in homes and apartments since 2007 and is used across the United States by major cable providers. MoCA has certified over 250 different products.


Products with MoCA Access reduce the cost of traditional fiber installations by up to 30% with minimal tenant disruption. Uses existing TV coax wiring. Makes apartments more appealing to tenants with a quicker return on investment for you.


MoCA Access gives you and your tenants fiber level speeds to the apartment, minimal tenant disruptions, and requires little maintenance. All this makes increased apartment satisfaction for existing tenants and complex marketability with higher occupancy rates.

Want to learn how your apartment buildings can get fiber broadband access using TV coax cables?

I’m Roberta, Managing Director of MoCA, email me any questions you have about how MoCA Access™ could work for you.

MoCA Access connecting fiber to coax

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See how Stoneridge Apartments cut their fiber broadband networking installation and maintenance costs using MoCA Access technology

Stoneridge Apartments reuse of existing coax infrastructure to extend fiber multi-gigabit services resulted minimal construction and in-unit labour, with no new infrastructure installed, and saved over 30% in costs per unit compared to fiber to the unit. Combined with offering free Wi-Fi™ apartment occupancy increased from 50% to 90%.

See how Stoneridge Apartments did it

Watch How MoCA Access™ Works

Fiber Extensions with InCoax

MoCA® Access 2.5 | Brand: Translite Global | Model No.: TL-MCA-72

Broadband Universe Episode 27
Dr. Jim Crammond, President of the Multimedia Over Coax Alliance, & Andreas Bergman, Head of Sales with InCoax Networks, share the latest developments in multi-gigabit coax connectivity.

MDUs Can Use Their Wires

Fiber Extension Technology Offers Cost-Effective Option for Gigabit MDU Broadband

MoCA Access™ Products Spotlight

InCoax D2501 DPU

InCoax D2501 DPU

Broadband boost for small and medium MDUS across Europe and North America

Operators will be able to extend XGS-PON or Active Ethernet fiber and manage services through existing customer provisioning systems with use of established industry standards and protocols.

Translite TL-MCA-72 MoCA® Access 2.5

Translite TL-MCA-72 MoCA® Access 2.5

TL-MCA-72 transforms the in building coaxial cabling into a multi gigabit fiber extension network. This network controller is based on the MoCA Access 2.5 technology standard. It is capable of 2.5 Gbps actual data rates and serves up to 31 modems (clients). This network controller offers a flexible frequency selection of 400~1675MHz and uses the existing in building coaxial cabling and coexists with other services such as broadcast TV, IPTV, DOCSIS and fiber.

MoCA Access News

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