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Case Study: Access to Fiber Through Pre-Existing Coax Reduces Costs of Installation

Delivers High-Speed, Low Latency, and Reliable Broadband at a Lower Install and Maintenance Cost

Stoneridge Apartments is a 256-apartment affordable homes complex spanning across 13 buildings located in the metro area of Austin, Texas, United States. PCs for People successfully deployed InCoax Network’s fiber access extension technology in the apartment housing complex.

Stoneridge apartment buildings

Early in the deployment process, Internet Service Provider, PCs for People, evaluated using a full fiber deployment (FTTH). An all-fiber solution proved to be too expensive. Preliminary calculations showed an average in-building total installation cost drop from US$440 per apartment with fiber, to US$125 per apartment reusing Stoneridge Apartments’ existing coax cabling infrastructure.

Partnering with PCs for People, Stoneridge Apartments now has symmetrical high-speed Internet access of 1 Gbps, thanks to PCs for People’s application of InCoax Networks’ MoCA Access™ 2.5 fiber access system.

Stoneridge fiber deployment plan
Stoneridge fiber deployment plan across thirteen buildings.

The new incoming underground trunk fiber was connected through a centrally located fiber switch to InCoax MoCA Access 2.5 Control Units, installed in each building’s outdoor wall cabinet where the building’s coax cable network originates. The control unit connects the fiber with the coaxial network and extends the high-performance broadband capabilities to all apartments in the building.

InCoax MoCA Access 2.5 modems and apartment routers allow internet access through Wi-Fi in all apartments, in- and outdoor service and social areas. The entire system is managed centrally by the InCoax Manage software.

in:xtnd C251 single coax port MoCA Access node
in:xtnd C251 single coax port MoCA Access™ node installed in the wall cabinet by InCoax.

in:xtnd A101 single ETH port MoCA Access Modem front and back
in:xtnd A101 single ETH port MoCA Access™ Modem (front and back) self-installed by the customer.

The deployment of the MoCA Access™ 2.5 standard based InCoax fiber access system, underlines InCoax Network’s and PCs for People’s mutual mission to provide cost-effective, high-speed connectivity for streaming, and remote schooling and working from home.

Watch the MoCA Access Story at Stoneridge Apartments

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