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Certified Products

The MoCA Certification Work Group develops a Certification Test Plan (CTP) and a Test Results Template to facilitate consistent testing and interoperability of products.

In order to run the tests defined, an IXIA spectrum analyzer and Golden Nodes that are purchased for interoperability testing, are required.

The tests have two types: self test and core tests. Self tests are conducted by the device manufacturer (although some contract this work with a test house). Core tests take on average two weeks to conduct at the test house (NTS in Fullerton, California).

A member is required to submit test results for both self-tests and core-tests to the MoCA Certification Board to receive a certificate validating their device.

  How to Certify a Product with MoCA
  Details on the Certification Testing

MoCA Certified logo

Look for the MoCA Certified Logo.

Company Product Name Model Certificate Description
Arcadyan G3100 MIC0241 Profile D OSP
Arcadyan E3200 MIC0242 Profile D OSP
Arcadyan CR1000B MIC0253 Profile D OSP
Arcadyan NH20A MIC0245 Network Access Hub
Arcadyan B20A MIC0248 TELUS Wi-Fi (WA7374442-TS)
Arcadyan CE1000A MIC0254 Wi-Fi Extender
Askey ASK-MAE310 MIC0246 MoCA 2.5 Dongle
Askey ASK-MAE311 MIC0249 MoCA 2.5 Dongle
Askey ASK-MAE340 MIC0247 MoCA 2.5 Dongle
MaxLinear MxL93710ECA-L3-DB MIC0231 MoCA 2.50 Profile D Ethernet to Coax Adapter  
WNC CR1000A MIC0250 Consumer Home Router  
Company Product Name Model Certificate Description
Actiontec ECB5240M MIC0223 MoCA Profile B Device  
Actiontec ECB6000 MIC0190 Ethernet to Coax Bridge  
Actiontec ECB6200 MIC0204 MoCA to Ethernet Bridge  
Actiontec T3200M MIC0221 Wireless 11ac Bonded VDSL2 Gateway with MoCA 2.0  
Actiontec WCB6200Q MIC0199 MoCA to Ethernet Bridge  
Actiontec WCB6240Q MIC0214 Wireless Ethernet Bridge with MoCA  
Arcadyan PRV65B444A-S-TS MIC0240 TELUS Wi-Fi Hub with MoCA 2.0
Arris AM525 MIC0234 MoCA 2.0, Profile C, Band D, video bridge
Arris WECB460 MIC0172 Wireless Ethernet to Coaxial Bridge
Arris TG1682G MIC0165 Telephony Gateway
Arris TG1682G MIC0213 Telephony Gateway
Arris TG2472G MIC0189 Profile B OSP
Arris TG3452 MIC0236 Cable Modem
Arris TG3482 MIC0222 DOCSIS 3.1 Device
Arris TG4482 MIC0244 Cable Modem
Arris DCX3635 MIC0202 Set Top Box
Arris DG1680A MIC0194 Touchstone Data Gateway
Arris DG2470 MIC0187 Profile B OSP
Arris DG3270A MIC0193 Touchstone Data Gateway
Arris D746 DMC7001KNB MIC0227 STB
Arris XG1v3 MIC0203 IP settop box
Arris XF3 MIC0225 Fiber Gateway
Arris IP815 MIC0211 Profile A OSP
Alcatel-Lucent G-821M MIC0161 ONT
Broadcom BCM97428GN MIC0151 MoCA 2.0 GN
Broadcom BCM96802 MIC0224 MoCA 2.0 Profile C Bonding GN
Cisco ITV-7908 MIC0168 STB
Cisco 9887 MIC0170 STB
Cisco G8 MIC0176 STB
Cisco CXD01ANI MIC0196 STB
Cisco MEA4211 MIC0182 Profile A OSP
Cisco MWA1221 MIC0185 Profile B OSP
Cisco 5844 MIC0186 Profile A OSP
Cisco 10242HD MIC0205 STB
Actiontec M6240L MIC0210 Broadband Home Router  
Entropic EN2710ECA D-Band GCN2.0 MIC0150 MoCA 2.0 GN
Hitron CGNM MIC0164 CGNM for 24x8 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway+ MoCA 2.0
Hitron CGN3AMR MIC0218 24x8 DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless gateway with MoCA
Hitron CGNVM MIC0220 24x8 DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless gateway with MoCA
Hitron HT-EMN2 MIC0217 MoCA to Wi-Fi extender
Hitron HT-EMN3 MIC0230 WiFi MoCA Extender
Humax HNB100 MIC0206 Profile A OSP
Humax HNB200 MIC0207 Profile B OSP
Intel Cougar Park MG MIC0219 Profile B OSP  
Intel Cougar Park MG MIC0233 Profile C OSP  
MaxLinear MxL3705ECA-L3-DB MIC0228 MoCA 2.0 Profile C Ethernet to Coax Adapter
MStar Semiconductor MSE320A MIC0200 Development Board
Netgear C7000BMX MIC0179 Cable Modem
Netgear WM2500RP MIC0152 MoCA 2.0 N600 WiFi Bridge/Extender
Pace D5001 MIC0183 Profile B OSP  
Pace DXC5000KNB MIC0215 STB  
Pace PXD01ANI MIC0201 IP Client Set Top Box  
Samsung XG2v2-S MIC0181 Profile A OSP
Samsung GX-CX800CK MIC0216 STB
Samsung GX-VD940CJ MIC0195 Profile B OSP
STMicroelectronics STiC2BB+STiC2PA MIC0188 Ethernet to MoCA 2.0 bridge  
Technicolor 10455HD MIC0212 STB
Technicolor CGM4140COM MIC0232 Cable Gateway with MoCA, WiFi, Ethernet and Phone
Technicolor CGM4331COM MIC0243 DOCSIS 3.1 Gateway
Technicolor CGM4981COM MIC0252 Residential Gateway
Technicolor CGA4234 MIC0239 Profile C OSP
Technicolor CGA4236 MIC0251 Profile C OSP
Technicolor TC8717C MIC0158 Residential Gateway
Technicolor TC8737C MIC0192 Profile B OSP
Technicolor DC1738NET MIC0173 STB Client
Technicolor DCI938NET MIC0184 Profile A OSP
Technicolor DPC3941T MIC0184 Gateway
Technicolor DWA1230 MIC0229 MoCA Gateway Device
TiVo TCD849 MIC0198 STB
Ubee DVW32C MIC0175 Multi-Terminal Adapter
Ubee DVW32G MIC0180 Profile B OSP
Ubee DDW36C MIC0169 Media Gateway
Verizon Fios-G1500 MIC0237 Broadband Home Router - Profile B OSP
Verizon Fios-G1500 MIC0238 Broadband Home Router - Profile C OSP
WNC FiOS-G1100 MIC0163 BHR
WNC IPC2100 MIC0177 STB Client
Company Product Name Model Certificate Product Category Description
ADB 6882CDMX MIC0051 Intermediate, OSP  
Actiontec ECB2200 MIC0053 Intermediate, OSP  
Actiontec ECB2200V MIC0056 Intermediate, OSP  
Actiontec ECB2500C MIC0119 Intermediate, OSP  
Actiontec ECB3000 MIC0142 Intermediate, OSP  
Actiontec MI424WR Rev F MIC0058 Intermediate, OSP LAN
Actiontec MI424WR Rev F MIC0060 Intermediate, OSP WAN
Actiontec MI424WR Rev. I MIC0104 Intermediate, OSP LAN
Actiontec MI424WR Rev. I MIC0105 Intermediate, OSP WAN
Alcatel-Lucent O-211M-E MIC0076 Intermediate, OSP  
Alcatel-Lucent O-211M-G MIC0071 Intermediate, OSP  
Alcatel-Lucent I-211M-K MIC0061 Intermediate, OSP  
Arris MG 5225G/NA MIC0109 Terminal  
Arris MP 2000NA MIC0110 Terminal  
Arris MP2050 MIC0140 Terminal OSP Media Player IP-STB, 1-Ethernet, 1-USB, HDMI, Composite, Component
Arris MP2150 MIC0141 Terminal OSP Media Player IP-STB, 1-Ethernet, 1-USB, HDMI, Composite, Component
Arris TG1672G MIC0135 Terminal OSP  
Arris SBM1400 MIC0148 Intermediate MoCA adaptor
Broadcom BCM96829RG MIC0050 Intermediate  
Broadcom 95829RG HighRF GCN MIC0083 Intermediate  
Broadcom 7420-BandE-GN MIC0129 Intermediate  
Cisco 1642HDC MIC0069 Terminal, OSP  
Cisco 4642HDC MIC0068 Terminal, OSP  
Cisco Explorer 8642HDC MIC0062 Intermediate, OSP  
Cisco 8642HDC MIC0098 Intermediate, OSP  
Cisco 9800 MIC0114 Terminal, OSP  
Cisco CHS335HDC MIC0073 Terminal, OSP  
Cisco CHS335HDC MIC0143 Terminal Non-OSP Terminal
Cisco CHS435HDC MIC0144 Terminal Non-OSP Terminal
Cisco DPC3827 MIC0107 Intermediate, OSP  
Cisco DPC3939 MIC0132 Intermediate, OSP Advanced DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway
Cisco Explorer 1742HDC MIC0089 Intermediate, OSP  
Cisco Explorer 1742HD MIC0090 Intermediate, OSP  
Cisco Explorer 4742HD MIC0088 Intermediate, OSP  
Cisco Explorer 4742HDC MIC0086 Intermediate, OSP  
Cisco Explorer 8742HD MIC0093 Intermediate, OSP  
Cisco Explorer 8742HDC MIC0092 Intermediate, OSP  
Cisco RNG150N MIC0070 Terminal, OSP  
Cisco RNG150N P2 MIC0087 Intermediate, OSP  
Cisco RNG200N MIC0046
Terminal, OSP  
Cisco RNG200N P2 MIC0091 Intermediate, OSP  
Cisco UGW1726 MIC0197 Intermediate OSP Managed  
D-Link DXN-220 MIC0064 Intermediate  
D-Link DXN-220 ECB MIC0066 Intermediate  
D-Link DXN-220 C1 MIC0147 Intermediate, OSP  
D-Link W224 MIC0134 Intermediate, OSP Intermediate
Echostar T2200S-B MIC0082 Intermediate, OSP  
Entropic ECB3M-L3-EMXGCN1.1 MIC0130 Intermediate MoCA 1.1 Band E Golden Node
Humax TCI-100 MIC0156 Terminal OSP Terminal Device
Intel Puma6-MG MIC0126 Intermediate, OSP  
Motorola DCX3501-M MIC0125 Terminal OSP Terminal Settop
Motorola QIP7100 P2 MIC0096 Terminal OSP  
Motorola QIP7100 P1 MP MIC0085 Terminal, OSP  
Motorola QIP7100 P2 PPR2 MIC0059 Terminal, OSP  
Motorola QIP7232-P2 MIC0065 Terminal, OSP  
Motorola SBG6782 MIC0121 Intermediate, OSP  
Motorola SBG6782 MIC0097 Terminal OSP  
Motorola SBM1100 MIC0123 Intermediate Intermediate Device
Motorola SBM1400 MIC0124 Intermediate Intermediate Device
Pace RNG150N MIC0079 Terminal OSP  
Pace RNG150 P2 (Delphi CCHD) MIC0112 Terminal OSP  
Pace RNG200N MIC0080 Terminal OSP  
Pace RNG210N MIC0081 Intermediate, OSP  
Pace (Xfinity) PX001ANM X1 MIC0115 Terminal OSP  
Pace PX032ANI MIC0155 Terminal OSP Client Set Top Box
Pace IPW9001 MIC0159 Terminal OSP Set Top Box
Samsung RNG150N MIC0113 Terminal  
Samsung SMT-H3262 MIC0063 Terminal OSP  
Samsung SMT-H3272 MIC0057 Terminal OSP  
Samsung SMT-C6340 MIC0077 Terminal OSP  
Samsung SMT-C6340 MIC0208 Terminal OSP  
Samsung SMT_C8340 MIC0078 Terminal OSP  
Samsung SMT-H4500 MIC0149 Terminal OSP MoCA
Samsung SMT-G7401 MIC0174 Settop Box
Samsung XG2 MIC0154 Intermediate Non-OSP MoCA
Samsung GX-SH930CH MIC0160 Terminal OSP GW STB for StarHub (Singapore) with integrating MoCA 1.1
Samsung GX-SH435EH MIC0171 Intermediate, OSP Samsung
STMicroelectronics 7108M MIC0101 Terminal  
Technicolor TG590 MIC0094 Intermediate, OSP  
Technicolor TG590 WAN MIC0095 Intermediate, OSP  
TiVo TCD750500 / TCD758250 MIC0103 Intermediate, OSP  
TiVo TCDA90000 MIC0084 Terminal, OSP  
TiVo TCDA92000 MIC0118 Terminal, OSP  
TiVo Series 5/TCD848000 MIC0133 Terminal  
TiVo Series 5/TCD848000 MIC0139 Terminal  
TiVo Series 5/TCD840300 MIC0138 Terminal  
ViXS DPC3939 MIC0136 Intermediate, OSP Advanced DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway
ZTE Corporation B700V3 MIC0106 Terminal, OSP  
Company Product Name Model Certificate Product Category Description
2Wire 370HG-C MIC0006 Intermediate, OSP LAN
2Wire 370HG-C MIC0007 Intermediate, OSP WAN
Actiontec ECB1500 MIC0013 Intermediate, OSP  
Actiontec MI424WR MIC0002 MIC0003 Intermediate, OSP LAN
Actiontec MI424WR Rev D MIC0018 Intermediate, OSP LAN
Actiontec MI424WR Rev D MIC0019 Intermediate, OSP WAN
Alcatel-Lucent 3FE50762ABAA MIC0016 Intermediate, OSP  
Alcatel-Lucent O-211M-H MIC0049 Intermediate, OSP  
Alcatel-Lucent O-211M-E MIC0025 Intermediate, OSP ONT
Alcatel-Lucent O-211M-G EN2211 MIC0029 Intermediate, OSP GPON MoCA ONT
Alcatel-Lucent I-211M-K MIC0052 Intermediate, OSP  
Alcatel-Lucent O-821M-E MIC0030 Intermediate, OSP GPON SoHo MoCA ONT
Broadcom BMC96829RG MIC0047 Intermediate MoCA & Gigabit Ethernet Reference Design
Cisco 4652HDC MIC0043 Intermediate, OSP  
Cisco 8642HDC MIC0044 Terminal, OSP  
Cisco 8652HDC MIC0045 Terminal, OSP  
Cisco CHS335SD MIC0035 Terminal, OSP  
Cisco CHS335HDC MIC0036 Terminal, OSP  
Cisco RNG200N MIC0046 Terminal, OSP  
Cisco RNG200N P2 MIC0091 Intermediate, OSP  
D-Link DXN-220 MIC0028 Intermediate  
D-Link DXN-220 C1 MIC0147 Intermediate, OSP  
D-Link W224 MIC0134 Intermediate, OSP  
Echostar T2200S-B MIC0082 Intermediate, OSP  
Entropic ECB2-E4P-GH ROW MIC0001 Intermediate  
Entropic ECB2 w/mPCI MIC0021 intermediate  
Hitachi AMN1220 MIC0014 Intermediate, OSP  
Linksys MEB200 MIC0005 Intermediate  
Motorola DCX3400M MIC0048 Terminal, OSP  
Motorola DCX3200M MIC0041 Terminal, OSP Broadband Set Top Box
Motorola NIM100 MIC0009 Intermediate, OSP  
Motorola ONT1000M MIC0011 Intermediate, OSP  
Motorola QIP2500 MIC0017 Intermediate, OSP Broadband Set Top Box
Motorola QIP6416 MIC0015 Terminal, OSP Broadband Set Top Box
Motorola QIP7216 MIC0034 Terminal, OSP Broadband Set Top Box
Metalligence ECB3001P MIC0004 Intermediate WAN
Spirent Tech X Flex T5000 MIC0039
Terminal, OSP  
Tellabs ONT612 MIC0012 Intermediate, OSP  
Tellabs ONT612A MIC0031 Intermediate, OSP  
Tellabs ONT712 MIC0026 Intermediate, OSP  
Tellabs ONT716 MIC0027 Intermediate, OSP