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MoCA Logo and Guidelines

The following guidelines for the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA®) corporate logo offer instructions for proper use in publications and articles about MoCA, both print and online, or within MoCA or member generated materials such as marketing collateral, presentations, white papers, or other types of documents. These guidelines are NOT a grant of license rights to the MoCA corporate logo, nor do they allow for any usage or purpose, without restrictions, as defined by Multimedia over Coax Alliance.

The MoCA corporate logo is the distinctive visual symbol representing the Multimedia over Coax Alliance and is the over-arching insignia for MoCA. The MoCA corporate logo must be accompanied by the registered trademark symbol (®) in every application.

The MoCA corporate logo is not to be used to designate MoCA certification. Please see the MoCA Logo Usage Guidelines for the authorized MoCA Certified Logo.

All reproduction, enlargements and reductions should only be made from the authorized MoCA corporate logo artwork. Do not attempt to typeset or recreate the artwork. Electronic artwork is available for all versions of the corporate logo to meet digital or print uses.

Primary MoCA Logos:

MoCA Corporate Logo Color

Corporate Logo – Full Color

MoCA Corporate Logo Black

Corporate Logo – One Color Black

MoCA Corporate Logo Color

MoCA Access™ Logo – Full Color

MoCA Corporate Logo Black

MoCASec™ Icon – Full Color

The preferred MoCA logo is the Full Color version using MoCA Blue and MoCA Orange with the organizations name in black. For instances when the Full Color version cannot be used or only one color is available, please use the One Color Black version. Use in 100% black. Do not screen the logo.

MoCA Corporate Logo Color Guide

Secondary Corporate Logo:

MoCA Corporate Logo White Reversed

Corporate Logo –White Reversed

MoCA Corporate Logo White Reversed

Corporate Logo –White Reversed

When the MoCA corporate logo will appear against a dark or color background, please use the White Reversed version so the logo appears white against the background. Visual clarity is the goal.


Minimum Clear Space and Size:

MoCA Corporate Logo Spacing

The clear space around the MoCA corporate logo ensures visibility and legibility. The minimum clear space required on all sides of the logo is at least X, where X equals the width of the coax ‘O’ in the logo. No text, graphics, photographs, illustrations, or other logos should be placed within the clear space.

MoCA Corporate Logo Smallest Size

The minimum size the MoCA corporate logo may be reproduced is 3/4” wide. This is the measured width of the “MoCA” logotype. Use the logo at a larger size whenever possible.


MoCA Logo Color Palette:

MoCA Corporate Logo Blue Color

MoCA Blue
Pantone 287
100% Cyan
68% Magenta
0% Yellow
12% Black
0 Red
83 Green
155 Blue

MoCA Corporate Logo Orange Color

MoCA Orange
Pantone 151
0% Cyan
45% Magenta
100% Yellow
0% Black
249 Red
156 Green
28 Blue

Unacceptable/Incorrect Usage:

MoCA Corporate Logo White Reversed

Do not obscure, cut off or place any design over the logo

MoCA Corporate Logo White Reversed

Do not use the logo as a decorative or background pattern


MoCA Corporate Logo White Reversed

Backgrounds cannot obscure any portion of the logo

MoCA Corporate Logo White Reversed

The logo cannot be modified in any form or manner


For more examples of acceptable and unacceptable configurations please reference the MoCA Logo Usage Guidelines.