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Access to Fiber Through Pre-Existing Coax Reduces Costs of Installation and Maintenance.

Stoneridge Apartments reuse of existing coax infrastructure to extend fiber multi-gigabit services resulted minimal construction and in-unit labour, with no new infrastructure installed, and saved over 30% in costs per unit compared to fiber to the unit.

MoCA is a Media Partner, Connected America

Connected America will foster a community of leading professionals working towards addressing the country's connectivity needs. From CSPs to innovative startups to key public sector decision makers, stakeholders from across the connectivity landscape will meet to explore how new technologies can drive positive socioeconomic outcomes across the US.

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March 28-29, 2023
Dallas, Texas, USA

  • kenburns1
    MoCA Access™
    Fast, Reliable, Cost-effective.
    Extending the reach of fiber broadband
    using existing coax.
  • kenburns1
    MoCA Home™
    coax standards deliver
    multi-gigabit symmetrical speeds,
    full-mesh and low latency networking.
    Managed Full-Mesh Coax Connectivity
    to Work, Learn and Stream
  • kenburns1
    MoCA Link™
    Point-to-point coax connectivity bridge
    for managed services
    to work, learn and stream.
    A symmetrical multi-gigabit, sub-millisecond latency,
    point-to-point coax link for broadband services.

Rethinking the Fourth Utility Connectivity Conundrum

Broadband networking is rapidly becoming the fourth utility alongside water, gas and electricity.
Read how broadband network industry standards aid broadband connectivity equity for metro-area affordable housing and MDUs. - Broadband Communities Magazine

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