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MoCA awards first certifications

By Jeff Baumgartner,
SOURCE: CED Magazine
March 28, 2006

The Multimedia over Coax Alliance said it has handed out certifications to eight vendors following its first completed certification testing wave.

MoCA, which can send data (including video) over existing home coax networks at a theoretical 270 Mbps, awarded certifications to Actiontec, Entropic, Linksys, Mototech, Motorola Inc., Panasonic, 2Wire and Westell.

More specifically, certs were awarded to home routers from 2Wire, Actiontec and Westell; MoCA-Ethernet bridges from Motorola, Mototech, Linksys, and Panasonic; and a MoCA chipset from Entropic. Those vendors also participated in MoCA's first plugfest, which took place last November.

In concert, MoCA, which counts Comcast Corp. and EchoStar Communications among its founding members, ratified and released the MoCA MAC/PHY v 1.0 specification. The products just certified were tested against this spec.

MoCA said a cert board conducted and monitored the testing, which was held in February at Verizon Labs in Waltham, Mass. Obtaining certification allows vendors to use the MoCA logo and claim standard compliance.

MoCA expects to conduct its second cert wave in April.

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