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MoCA®, HomeGrid Forum™, Nokia, and InCoax Networks debate copper wire in fiber network deployments at Broadband Forum’s BASe 2024 Technical Summit

Roundtable on March 8th, 10:45am – 11:30am, CET

March 5, 2024, San Ramon, California; Beaverton, Oregon -- At the Broadband Forum’s BASe 2024 Technical Summit on March 8th, 2024, from 10:45am-11:30am CET in Mainz, Germany, a MoCA-sponsored Roundtable discussion will debate: "Is Copper Broadband Dead in the Age of Fiber? How Technology Solutions Allow a Multi-Gigabit Broadband Marriage of Fiber and Copper Broadband." The Roundtable takes place during Day 2 of the Summit, Technology advancements and opportunities in broadband access- Session 1: In-Building Connectivity State of Play.

This Roundtable delves into the evolving landscape of broadband technologies, addressing critical questions and synergies of fiber broadband installations using existing copper wires to deliver multi-gigabit networks.

An esteemed panel of experts will share insights, debate the topic, and answer questions:

Marcos Martínez Vázquez, President of MoCA®, brings knowledge and leadership in multi-gigabit networking, highlighting innovative solutions in coaxial technology.

Livia Rosu, President of HomeGrid Forum™, provides focus and thought leadership on the latest advancements in technology (coaxial cabling and telephone pairs) and its role in enhancing whole-MDU networking experiences with seamless extension of xPON multi-gigabit fiber networks.

Helge Tiainen, InCoax Networks AB, discusses the integration of fiber and coaxial solutions in current infrastructure, emphasizing innovative, cost-effective new approaches to fiber broadband delivery.

Paul Spruyt, Nokia, offers perspectives on the future of multi-gigabit broadband technologies and Nokia's contributions to the evolving landscape.

Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis, is an expert known for his critical and forward-thinking approach to telecommunications and technology analysis, will moderate the session.

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About MoCA®
MoCA®, Multimedia over Coax Alliance, is an industry associate that creates simplified extensions and access points to ensure consistent, manageable, predictable multi-gigabit network coverage and fiber extension.  For premium service experiences, using products with MoCA technology can lower TIC (Total Installed Cost) and improve the quality of service for customers.  MoCA member companies consist of global service providers (MSOs, Telco/IPTV), OEM, ODM, and semiconductor companies.  For more information:

About HomeGrid Forum™
HomeGrid Forum (HGF) is an industry alliance that brings together the world’s best in technology innovators, silicon vendors, system manufacturers, and service providers to promote, a globally recognized networking technology based on ITU-T standards providing multi-gig access and in-building solutions for enterprise, industrial, smart grid, and residential use cases. is the most reliable and versatile network backhaul available today over coax, copper pairs, powerline, and plastic optical fiber as well as LiFi communication systems over visible light, ultraviolet and infrared spectrums. Our members promote the global adoption of, a single unified, multi-sourced networking technology.

HomeGrid Forum provides silicon and system certification programs through Compliance and Interoperability testing and collaborates with other standards organizations for deeper performance testing.

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