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MoCA DEMONSTRATES INTERoperability at CableLabs® Winter Conference

Demonstration of multi-vendor coax home network distributing multiple HD and SD streams, gaming and broadband

Colorado Springs, CO and San Ramon, CA – February 26, 2006 – The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA - TM) is demonstrating at CableLabs Winter Conference this week home networking of multiple HD and SD streams over in-home coax cable and splitters using interoperable MoCA products from multiple members.  The demonstrations feature an 8-node MoCA network simultaneously sharing three broadcast HD videos, eight SD videos, broadband data, and interactive gaming for a total of more than 90 Mbps of full motion, no-excuses digital entertainment.

The demonstration includes set-top boxes, Ethernet-MoCA bridges and Wi-Fi routers, all of which have embedded MoCA using Entropic’s c.LINK (TM) chipset, which is the first chipset built to MoCA specifications.

“A home network for the cable industry’s whole-home DVR and triple play is now available and being demonstrated by MoCA,” explained MoCA President, Ladd Wardani.  “The MoCA standard provides all of the ingredients the cable industry needs for its entertainment home network.” 

MoCA supports a trusted and reliable home domain, using the secure in-home coax and splitters as-is, and with QoS for integrated video, voice, data, gaming and retail devices.  MoCA coexists with the existing cable upstream and downstream, by reliably operating above 1 Ghz.   MoCA delivers full broadcast quality no-excuses video, including multiple simultaneous HD streams.  Field trials proved MoCA delivers greater than 100Mbps of net usable data rate, from a 270Mbps maximum PHY rate, in 97% of the coax outlets across the USA.  MoCA deployment already exceeded 10,000 homes without problem.

Throughout MoCA’s two year history, it has been fostered and supported by the cable industry.  Comcast and Cox Communication are members of MoCA’s board of directors.  Additionally, Comcast, Cox Communication and Time Warner Cable are investors in MoCA’s underlying technology development via Entropic Communications.  Comcast and Cox also participate in MoCA certification, marketing and specification working groups, as well as with field trials and testing.  “MoCA wants to thank the cable industry for significantly helping to foster MoCA technology and standardization.”, said Ladd Wardani, President of MoCA.

MoCA technology was built from the ground up to enable MSOs, other service providers and CE products to establish an entertainment home network using in-home coax.  MoCA addressed cable operators’ need to minimize customer calls and truck rolls while also providing a previously unparalleled level of operator visibility into network and physical status and quality of the home coax environment.  MoCA anticipates the start of shipments to the cable industry for regional trials beginning in mid 2006.  MoCA members are currently shipping high volume of MoCA nodes, including bridges, routers, STBs and ONTs to other entertainment networking industries.

About MoCA:
The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA-TM) is an open, industry driven initiative promoting distribution of digital video and entertainment through existing coaxial cable in the home. MoCA technology provides the backbone for whole home entertainment networks of multiple wired and wireless products.

MoCA’s Board of Directors include Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA, CMCSK), Cox Communications, EchoStar (NASDAQ: DISH), Entropic Communications, Linksys, a division of Cisco, (NASDAQ: CSCO), Motorola (NYSE: MOT), Panasonic (NYSE: MC), Radio Shack (NYSE: RSH), Toshiba and Verizon (NYSE: VZ).
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