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San Ramon, CA, August 28, 2006 –  (NYSE: MOT, NASDAQ GS: TLAB)  The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA-TM) has recently certified Optical Network Terminal (ONT) triple-play fiber-to-the-home terminals from Motorola, Inc. and Tellabs.  These devices, the first ONTs to be certified by MoCA, convert optical signals, delivered over a passive optical network (PON) on fiber, into electrical signals that are sent to a homeowner’s entertainment devices.  MoCA technology, embedded in the ONT, enables triple-play content, including well over net 100Mbps of multiple HDTV and SDTV programs, high-speed data, gaming, voice and any other services over IP (internet protocol), through the existing in-home coaxial wiring.  While the ONT is typically attached to the outside of a home or apartment, similar to a telephone box or wiring cabinet; it is a smart device that brings rich entertainment and networking services into the home. 
The Motorola ONT1000M Single Family MoCA Optical Network Terminal provides a single point of delivery for voice, video and data services over a single fiber network.  Using MoCA technology, the Motorola ONT1000M supports high-speed, bi-directional entertainment services delivered over IP, throughout a home, using the existing in-home coaxial cable and splitters.  The Motorola ONT1000M also delivers over 130 non-IP based analog and digital video channels alongside the interactive video channels carried over the IP-based network created by MoCA technology.
“The Motorola ONT1000M substantially reduces installation time for our customers, and embedding MoCA technology was a key factor,” said Tony Boucher, product manager, Motorola, Inc., Access Network Solutions.  “As we strive to assist our customers in lowering overall FTTH deployment costs, implementing home networking technologies such as MoCA will be a key part of our strategy going forward.”

The Tellabs 1600-612 Single Family Unit (SFU) ONT (TM) supports residential voice, Ethernet-based data, video over IP, MoCA and RF analog digital video services all over a single optical fiber in an easy-to-install unit.  The unit supports either 10/100BaseT Ethernet or a MoCA interface for high-speed delivery of entertainment over IP throughout a home using coaxial cable. 
“The Tellabs-1600-612 SFU ONT with embedded MoCA technology reduces subscriber acquisition costs for service providers,” said Asghar Mostafa, vice president of product development for Tellabs.  “Receiving the first round of MoCA certification for ONTs further proves our commitment to advancing deep-fiber networks that enable the high-bandwidth services users demand.”
“Motorola’s and Tellabs’ successful certification of their MoCA-enabled ONTs is another significant milestone for these two industry leading companies, for MoCA, and for the service providers deploying fiber to the premises.  MoCA has now certified 10 products and is the only whole-home networking technology in mass deployment that can reliably support the high data rates brought to the home by fiber,” said Tom Leacock, Chair of the MoCA Certification Working Group and Engineering Manager at Panasonic AVC Labs.  “These certifications help MoCA continue to establish itself as the de facto coax home-networking standard for digital entertainment.” 
Certification waves are official MoCA events where MoCA members submit products with MoCA interfaces to verify interoperability, functionality and performance based on a suite of certification tests chosen by the MoCA Certification Board.  Representatives of the Certification Board monitor all testing.  Successful devices are awarded MoCA certification, which allows a vendor to use the MoCA logo and claim compliance to the MoCA MAC/PHY v1.0 ratified standard.  Companies will have the logistical ease of running through the certification tests at MoCA qualified 3rd party labs starting in 4Q2006, with the Certification Board then reviewing results and awarding certification.



The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA™) is an open, industry driven initiative promoting distribution of digital video and entertainment through existing coaxial cable in the home. MoCA technology provides the backbone for whole home entertainment networks of multiple wired and wireless products. 

The MoCA BoD includes Comcast, Cox Communications, EchoStar Technologies, Entropic Communications, Linksys, Motorola, Panasonic, RadioShack, Toshiba and Verizon.  For more information, please visit

About Motorola
Motorola is known around the world for innovation and leadership in wireless and broadband communications. Inspired by our vision of Seamless Mobility, the people of Motorola are committed to helping you get and stay connected simply and seamlessly to the people, information, and entertainment that you want and need. We do this by designing and delivering "must have" products, "must do" experiences and powerful networks -- along with a full complement of support services. A Fortune 100 company with global presence and impact, Motorola had sales of US $35.3 billion in 2005.  For more information about our company, our people and our innovations, please visit

About Tellabs
Tellabs advances telecommunications networks to meet the evolving needs of users. Broadband solutions from Tellabs enable service providers to deliver high-quality voice, video and data services over wireline and wireless networks around the world. Ranked among the BusinessWeek InfoTech 100, Tellabs (NASDAQ: TLAB) is part of the NASDAQ-100 Index, NASDAQ Global Select Market and the S&P 500.

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