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CableLabs Joins MoCA

San Ramon, CA, June 10, 2014 --- MoCA (R) welcomes CableLabs as its newest Contributor member.  The two organizations have been working together for years as part of a technical liaison relationship. Membership in MoCA enables CableLabs to provide more input and direction early in the spec development process for greater synergy between the two organizations.

“We have always worked well with MoCA and our membership further establishes and strengthens the relationship,” said Ralph Brown, Chief Technology Officer of CableLabs.  “We look forward to continuing our joint efforts in support of cable operators and the broader cable ecosystem.”

“We are pleased that CableLabs has joined MoCA.  The cooperation between our two organizations is critical to keeping the cable market strong – in the U.S. and worldwide--through innovation, certification of products and specifications that are mutually beneficial to the operators and consumers,” said Charles Cerino, MoCA President. 

About CableLabs
CableLabs is a non-profit research and development consortium that is dedicated to creating innovative ideas that significantly impact our cable operator members’ business. CableLabs also serves to define interoperable solutions among our members and their technology suppliers in order to drive scale, reduce costs, and create competition in the supply chain. CableLabs membership is comprised of the major cable operators worldwide.

CableLabs is funded by its cable industry member companies as a non-profit research and development consortium under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(6) status. Accordingly, CableLabs exists for the benefit of the cable industry by providing technical leadership, common interoperable specifications, and testing facilities.

CableLabs is approved and operates under the National Cooperative Research and Production Act (NCRPA) which “is designed to promote innovation, facilitate trade, and strengthen the competitiveness.”

About MoCA
MoCA is the standard for home entertainment networking. It is the only such standard in trials or deployments by cable, satellite and IPTV/telco operators worldwide. MoCA technology is also used to extend Wi-Fi® connectivity.

MoCA 2.0 is available now and is the first specification developed by the entire Alliance. It offers two performance modes of 400 Mbps and 800 Mbps actual throughputs, packet error rates (PER) as low as one in 100 million with a nominal latency of 3.6ms, and standby and sleep modes for help in overall power management in the network.

The Alliance has 148 certified products and 51 members worldwide.