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MoCA Certification Testing Overview

Certification testing verifies device interoperability with MoCA's ratified and released MoCA MAC/PHY specifications. Vendors may submit products with MoCA interfaces to verify interoperability, functionality and performance according to a suite of certification tests defined by the MoCA Certification Working Group.

The testing is performed at National Technical Systems (NTS) located in Fullerton, California. NTS is the only MoCA certified testing facility for MoCA devices. To receive certification, the vendor must be a member of MoCA in good standing.

There are two parts to certification testing:

Part 1) Self-Test
The first step in certification is self-test, in which a member performs the suite of applicable certification tests listed in the Certification Test Plan (CTP) and records the results on a Self-Test template.

Part 2) Lab Certification Test
The second step in certification is to test the MoCA device at the certified testing lab (NTS) where the test lab will perform a subset of the CTP tests. This subset of tests is called the “core tests” and is listed in the CTP. All lab certification testing is administered by NTS.

Members that have successfully completed both the self-test and lab certification tests are awarded certification by the MoCA Certification Board, along with the right to use the MoCA certified logo on products and in marketing materials provided they are also a member of MoCA in good standing.

The fee for certification testing is paid directly to NTS. If a device has multiple MoCA interfaces, additional fees will be required, as additional certification tests will be executed, and multiple sets of self-test data must be submitted.

If a device is similar to a previously certified device, it may qualify for a derivative certification as detailed in the MoCA Certification Policies & Procedures document.

The Certified Test Plan (CTP) and current Test Results Templates can be accessed on the Member’s Only site at

For additional questions contact the MoCA Certification Board Chair.

MoCA Certified Test Lab:

1536 E. Valencia Drive
Fullerton, CA 92831
Tel: 714-879-6110

Contact: Derek Fakehany
Phone: (714) 879-6110 x1678

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