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How to Certify a Product with MoCA

Documents and information on how to certify a product with MoCA technology.

The MoCA Certification testing program is a process in which members may submit products with MoCA interfaces for certification. There are two parts to the certification process:

  1. A Self-Test procedure run by the members and
  2. Lab Certification at authorized MoCA test laboratory.

    The Certified Test Plan (CTP) and current Test Results Templates can be accessed on the Member’s Only site.

Members submit devices for Lab Certification after they have successfully completed the MoCA Certification Self-Test. Then, during Lab Certification testing, the devices are tested according to a subset of the certification tests chosen by the MoCA Certification Board. All Lab Certification testing is administered by National Testing Systems (NTS). NTS is the only testing facility authorized by MoCA to perform MoCA Lab Certification testing. Only after successfully completing both the Self-Test and Lab Certification Test as well as being a member in good standing with the MoCA Alliance, can a device be awarded MoCA Certification.

To access the documents below, you must be a member of MoCA and have or create an account with the MoCA Members website.

Certification Resources

Certification Forms and Documents

Self test results should be emailed to the MoCA Certification Board at The self test results should also be brought with you to the Certification Lab tests at NTS.


If a device is similar to a previously certified device, it may qualify for a derivative certification as detailed in the MoCA Certification Policies & Procedures document.

For complete documentation go to the MoCA Member website Certification Page.

If you are not a member, here is information about joining MoCA.

For additional questions contact the MoCA Certification Board Chair.

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