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MoCA Link
Point-to-point coax connectivity bridge for managed services to work, learn and stream

MoCA Link™

Point-to-point coax connectivity bridge for managed services to work, learn and stream.

MoCA Link™ provides a symmetrical multi-gigabit, sub-millisecond latency, point-to-point coax link for broadband services.

Delivering the speed and connectivity customers want through a cost effective installation that uses your existing management tools.

Applications include:

MoCA Link™ for 5G

MoCA Link using 5G
Connecting 5G receivers on the outside of the home to the Wi-Fi router inside the home.

MoCA Link™ for Satellite

MoCA Link using satellite
Connecting satellite receivers on the roof of the home to the Wi-Fi router inside the home.

MoCA™ Link for Fiber

MoCA Link using fiber
Connecting PON ONU at the edge of the home to the Wi-Fi router inside the home.

MoCA Link™ 2.5 spec available now

  • Point to point connection for 5G, Fiber PON and Satellite
  • Ultra-low latency of less than 1 millisecond
  • Allows low-cost access termination on the street, roof, or outside wall of the premises
  • Enables reverse power feed
  • Based on MoCA Home™ 2.5 technology
  • 2.5 Gbps, Multi-Gigabit speeds
  • Will be extended to MoCA Link™ 3.0 (10 Gbps)
  • Ease of deployment using existing coaxial cabling
  • Ease of deployment reusing deployed coaxial cabling
  • Operating frequency range of 400MHz - 1675MHz.
  • Coexists with TV, DOCSIS and cellular (4G/5G) technologies.
  • Supports standard traffic shaping and QoS up to four (4) queue in actual applications.
  • Strong security support
  • Three transmission power modes with 45dB, 55dB or 65dB link budgets and power saving

Track the Development of MoCA Link

We'll send you occasional emails about MoCA Link updates and coax's evolution as an excellent network tool.

Repurpose Existing Coax Infrastructure

MoCA Link is a peer-to-peer link for satellite and other network services operators, enabling the re-use of pre-installed RG6 coaxial cabling to link receivers on the outside of a home to the gateway inside the home. 

Satellite and 5G need a network connectivity solution that can provide a reverse power feed from inside the home to outside the home. MoCA Link™ features the robust reverse power feed 5G and satellite providers need.

For underserved rural areas, connecting to broadband can be as simple as:

  1. Change out an old satellite TV dish for a satellite receiver/transmitter with MoCA Link™,
  2. Reuse the coax already there, and
  3. Connect to the in-home broadband gateway.

For 5G, we created MoCA Link™ as a point to point technology to solve for the 5G challenge of bringing millimeter wave signals, that don’t penetrate buildings well, into the home. We also re-architected parts of the MAC to meet sub-millisecond ultra-low latency requirements.

For Fiber, MoCA Link can terminate on the street, not in the home, making MoCA Link a valuable PON extension.

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MoCA standards chart

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MoCA roadmap